Privacy Policy

Individuals who visit the website (users) can browse its websites and use its services and content either as ordinary visitors or as registered users and for the processing of their personal data by This policy applies because of this access. For some sub-services (such as the online appointment service for the application of disinfectants, etc.) in addition, the special conditions for the processing of personal data mentioned when ordering the service apply.

Every user who wishes to make an online purchase from has the opportunity to choose 2 ways to complete it: either as a visitor or as a registered user.

1 Legality and Purpose of Processing, Updating and Updating Data
PANEMPORIKI EE is responsible for the processing of personal data of the visitor / registered user and controls the processing of his data which complies with the General Regulation of Personal Data 679/2016 / EC (GKPD).

PANEMPORIKI EU informs the users of its website the following:

1.a. For the processing of users' data for the purpose of navigating the content as well as the electronic purchases on the website of, PANEMPORIKI EE is based on the following legal bases:

Execution of a contract (Article 6.1.b GKP): In order to achieve the purpose of the execution of the contract of sale remotely or to take measures at the request of the user before concluding a contract, and in particular, the user can complete his orders at it is necessary to process the personal data provided by him during the registration and registration of his order in the order registration form and the recording and monitoring of his transactions. The purpose of this basic data processing is for each user, the completion of the specific order, the communication and sending of informational messages regarding the stages of the processing of the order, the provision of clarifications related to the order and in general the analysis and information about purchases he has made, the delivery of the order at the place of his choice, his confirmation and identification in every necessary case and his information about the existing stock at per product. Also, the facilitation of registered users by creating a user account with completed invoicing and shipping data, information on its purchases, managing its communication with PANEMPORIKI EU and rewarding it with points and privileges from its purchases in case it is also member of PANEMPORIKI EU customer loyalty program and makes purchases through

Legal interests (Article 6.1.f GCC): Some form of processing of personal data is necessary for the improvement of the services of PANEMPORIKI EE, the detection of fraud or misuse, the possible cooperation with judicial and regulatory authorities. Also, for the regular information of the visitor and / or the registered user through telephone communication, mail, e-mail, mobile message (SMS) or any other suitable means of communication in his contact details, which were legally obtained, in the context of the use of www, for the products and services of PANEMPORIKI EU in the context of their transactional relationship (article 11 par. 3 of law 3471/2006) and if the user does not oppose this communication. This information may include information about its products and / or offers and / or contests, communication to conduct research to improve the products and services provided to its users as well as other promotional activities and the service of similar purposes. . Also, PANEMPORIKI EE can communicate with the visitor and / or registered user through messaging services such as Viber, WhatsApp etc, for reasons of better communication and control of its cost. Registered users also have the opportunity to choose the communication channels, which can be used by PANEMPORIKI EU for their information through their personal account at Changes to these preferences have an implementation time of up to 30 days, for technical reasons. Finally, PANEMPORIKI EE considers that its legitimate interests include the appearance and promotion of itself and its stores, as well as its products and services on electronic social networks (social media) and other IS services, also giving the opportunity to other users. of these networks to participate in promotions as well as to state that they like (“like”) our page and to post comments about our products.

Legal obligation (article 6.1.c GKPD): some user data is kept for compliance with the legal obligation of PANEMPORIKI EU, such as for tax and accounting purposes.

2. Processing and type of personal data - Rights of visitors / registered users
2.a. Processing of Personal Data: In case of online purchase, PANEMPORIKI EE will process the personal data of the user as stated by him during the creation of his account and / or his order in the data entry form, in order to complete his specific order through our online store. Each user of the online store has the opportunity to choose 2 ways to complete an online order and declare his personal data:

- As a simple visitor: In this case his personal data will be kept in the records of PANEMPORIKI EE for forty (40) days from the delivery or completion of his specific order and their processing will concern exclusively the execution of the contract of sale by distance. However, the data proving the transaction will be retained for tax purposes (invoice document) and its contact data will be used by PANEMPORIKI EU for commercial communication purposes, unless the user has stated that he does not wish such communication.

- As a registered user of the online store: In this case the registered user has created a user account in our online store and his personal data will be kept in the files of PANEMPORIKI EU until he requests their deletion. Once a year, PANEMPORIKI EE will ask the registered user to confirm the accuracy of the information it maintains and to update it if there are changes. The registered user can change or correct his data at any time by logging in to his account at (login) with his username and password.

2.b. Type of Personal Data
In particular, the personal data that must be provided by each user (whether buying as a visitor or as a registered user) in order to carry out any transaction through the online store ( of PANEMPORIKI EU and to place orders for its products are following:

his full name
the shipping address of the products
the billing address of the order (in case it is different from the shipping address)
invoicing details (in case payment by invoice has been selected)
the number of a contact telephone
his e-mail address.
In addition, PANEMPORIKI EU collects and stores the following personal data only for registered users:

order history
frequency of visits
products in the cart or favorites list
participation in promotions
In case of request for delivery of products or services to a third party other than the visitor or registered user, the latter acknowledges that he will have the full responsibility for the information and the full consent of the person designated as the recipient, for the notification of personal of the data to PANEMPORIKI EU for the sole purpose of delivery to it, of the relevant products and assumes full responsibility for any claims of this person against PANEMPORIKI EU.

The credit card details used by the visitor or the registered user are not stored in the storage media of PANEMPORIKI EE during the transaction but are registered directly in a secure environment of the cooperating company that has undertaken the routing of the cards.

The visitor and the registered user are informed about the communication of PANEMPORIKI EE with him, in the context of article 11 par. 3 of law 3471/2006, he processes the communication data that he has declared. Also, when updates are sent via SMS / viber / email etc to the registered user for changes in the terms of use of with a hyperlink, it is possible to record the IP address of the electronic device (mobile, tablet, computer, etc.) to prove that the registered user has received the update.

2.c. Recipients of data: For the data that is necessary for the service of each of the above processing purposes and within the responsibilities of each recipient, the recipients of the user's data may be:

i. The competent employees of PANEMPORIKI EU
ii. The tax etc auditing, supervisory and independent authorities in case of relevant audit.
iii. The company that provides customer service management of physical and online stores as well as members of the loyalty cards (CRM services) of PANEMPORIKI EU and which has undertaken, among other things, the registration, updating, updating and maintenance of the database with the data of members as executors of the processing on behalf of PANEMPORIKI EU and in accordance with its instructions and registered orders and / or any other company providing in the future to PANEMPORIKI EU the same services in replacement or in cooperation with the above company.
iv. External partners providing internet services, warehousing and order management, (courier) -transfer or bulk shipping service, product installation services and sales data analysis services, e-commerce service providers and customer service call centers with which PANEMIK cooperates which are subject to the special strict conditions for the processing of personal data that have been agreed with PANEMPORIKI EU as the Head of Processing.

When registering, accessing and / or processing the personal data of the visitor and the registered user, the employees and members of PANEMPORIKI EU undertake to fully comply with the provisions of the European General Regulation 2016/679 on Data Protection as well as with the applicable Greek legislation. on the protection of personal data. PANEMPORIKI EU requires its employees, the maintainers of its website, as well as its third party partners to take all necessary technical and organizational measures (including appropriate policies and procedures to prevent the disclosure of personal data of visitors / registered users). which process and possess and implement procedures for the management and processing of personal data in a lawful manner and protect them in accordance with the GCC.).

For sending communications via SMS and OTT messaging services (such as Viber, WhatsApp, etc.), PANEMPORIKI EE uses the notified mobile phone numbers that are legally processed. For more information about the processing of your data by these services and applications, see the respective terms and privacy policies applied by the respective OTT service providers and mobile providers.

2.d. Data subject rights: Every visitor or registered user, as a data subject, can exercise his rights at any time, as provided in the General Regulation of Personal Data Protection 679/2016 Ε.Ε. and in particular Articles 12 to 23 thereof, national law and in particular:
i). the right to information and access to data processed by PANEMPORIKI EU
(ii) the right to restrict the processing of its data;
iii) the right to correct or delete part or all (right to be forgotten) of his personal data;
(iv) the right to object, ie to object to the processing of his personal data; and
v) the right to the portability of its data.

He can exercise the above rights as follows:

For the right of access, partial or total deletion and correction / completion of personal data, PANEMPORIKI EU provides the opportunity to registered users of to view, correct / fill in their personal data through their personal account at (menu "My details") or to request access, partial or total deletion and correction of their data via e-mail to [email protected] and the telephone line 23510 46340. The other users of can exercise the above rights via e-mail at [email protected].

In case of exercise of any of the above mentioned rights, PANEMPORIKI EU will take every possible measure to satisfy the request within (1) one month from its submission. In this case, the data subject is informed that the minimum necessary from his personal data will be kept, in order to safeguard his legal interests. It is clarified that in order for the exercise of the above rights to be considered valid, the identification of the applicant may be required, in order to ensure that the personal data for which any of the above actions are requested actually belong to the natural person requesting the specific action.
The deletion of the registered user of can be done via email at the email address [email protected]
2.e. Retention Time of Personal Data: The personal shopping data of the user who makes purchases as a regular visitor will be anonymized (40) days from the completion or cancellation of his specific order. The personal data of the registered user will be kept until the registered user requests the deletion of his account. However, some necessary personal data concerning their purchases as well as the information for the processing of their data may remain as information for the visitor and the registered user to ensure the proof of the legality of the processing of their data by PANEMPORIKI EU and safeguarding the legal claims of the parties. The data collected due to your communication with PANEMPORIKI EE either through the online contact form at or via email or phone, are anonymized two (2) years from the date of contact.

2.f. Special Category Data: For the purposes of this processing, PANEMPORIKI EU does not collect or require the disclosure of sensitive personal data (special category data).

2.g. Transparency Obligation: For any other information regarding his data as well as their processing and protection any subject of personal data can contact the Data Protection Officer of PANEMPORIKI EU (Data Protection Officer) at the email [email protected] and by phone line 23510 46340. If, however, he considers that he is not satisfied with the answer or in general the way of collecting, processing and managing his data, he is informed that he has the right to complain to the competent supervisory authority (Personal Data Protection Authority,, Kifisias 1-3, PC 115 23, Athens, tel. 210 6475600, email [email protected]).

2.η. Technical and Organizational Protection Measures: PANEMPORIKI EE, its executors and its executors / contracting assistants are contractually committed to implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures for the best possible protection of personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction or loss, alteration, unlawful disclosure or access to them and generally their unlawful processing (including remote access) as well as to ensure the possibility of restoring availability and access to them. These measures aim to ensure a level of security that responds to the risk that the specific data may run, always taking into account the type and criticality of the data, the evolution of technology, the cost of implementation and the nature, the scope, the framework and objectives of each specific treatment, while applying procedures for regular testing, evaluation and evaluation of the effectiveness of these technical and organizational measures. In any case, PANEMPORIKI EU, the processors on its behalf and its added / fulfilling assistants, are contractually obliged to maintain the confidentiality of personal data and not to disclose or allow access to them to any third party without prior notice to the subject. except in cases expressly provided by law.

PANEMPORIKI EE declares that no other use of the personal data of the users will be made for purposes other than those mentioned in these terms without the prior information and, where required, the explicit consent of the subject.